#twofortuesday THESE LOVELIES will be @everyd…

#twofortuesday THESE LOVELIES will be @everydaycafepgh in #pittsburgh for @cupsofconversation @nceca NEXT WEEK!
#Artists 👩🏻‍🎨 representing each of the 50 🇺🇸 states have created a set of two #cups. ☕️☕️ They used them in their respective state( #nj #NEWJERSEY in the house!!!)to share a drink with someone🙋🏼🙋🏽. These cups will be on display at Everyday Cafe next week for @nceca and will be distributed to our communities through conversations 🗣👥. NCECA visitors are invited to join us 👫👬👭on Wednesday, March 14 where we will give away one cup in each set. To participate JOIN US at @everydaycafepgh 💵buy a beverage, and join in conversation with one of the artists🙋🏻Pittsburgh locals are invited to join us on Saturday, March 17 when we will distribute the remaining cups. #pottery #potter #tea #coffee #nceca2018 #ceramics #clay #cups @thekilnstudio @budzak @sonomaceramics @tsehai1 @nathancarriscarnes @mariana.baquero @kraft_alex @gardclaystudios @claireseastone @leanimalzen @lisayorkarts @trcomptonceramics @kylastrid @ottersonceramics @thehomemadeexchange @juliettewalker @henrycrissman @fishclay @andrewmcintyreceramics
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